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How much sleep is essential for our health?How much sleep is essential for our health?
15 Dec.
A healthy 7- 8 hours sleep is essential for our health. In early English history, it was condemned that criminals were deprived of sleep. Enforcement of insomnia was used as a form of execution by the Chinese and it is...
Fingers blab characterFingers blab character
01 Dec.
Fingers grant nature, considered experts in palmistry. If your fingers are long, then you are impulsive and impatient by nature. Are not able to turn into leaders, but they're good performers. Few are selfish and cruel...
6 unique facts about dreams6 unique facts about dreams
21 Jan.
Dreams have harassed the greatest minds of hundreds for thousands of years. Dreams are something that can not yet be fully explained by science. Many people believe that dreams can foretell our future. Scientists are trying...
Facts about People with Grey EyesFacts about People with Grey Eyes
29 Oct.
Grey eyes are among the rarer ones found in nature and are also some of the most magnetic. Similar to other people with a different colored iris, grey-eyed people distinguish themselves with a certain temperament and character...
How to Believe in Ourselves AgainHow to Believe in Ourselves Again
03 Feb.
Sometimes we just lose confidence in our own abilities. We can't get anything done because everything we start falls apart. Often this happens after a person is subjected to tremendous stress from a breakup, losing a...
Dreams of Being PregnantDreams of Being Pregnant
18 Sept.
If you dream that you are pregnant, this means that you are ready to realize a new idea and experience some new feeling. It may be a sign that you really are pregnant. If you dream that you have a bloated belly, this is...
Dreams About HairDreams About Hair
25 Apr.
Combing your hair in a dream can be a sign of your desire to get out of a sticky situation. Getting a haircut portends new ventures. If in your dream, you put a lot of gel in your hair, this reveals your willingness...
Honey against sleeplessnessHoney against sleeplessness
13 Mar.
Honey can be used as a sleeping pill not only in warm water or milk – it is a recipe for treating insomnia, known for centuries, are not just one or two. For example, two weeks in a row you can drink honey with water...
Dreams of BirdsDreams of Birds
30 July
Birds in dreams symbolize hidden desires and hopes. Birds in dreams are intermediaries between the conscious and subconscious of a person. If in your dream you see birds flying, this means you will succeed in all of...
Dreaming of snakesDreaming of snakes
31 Mar.
To dream that you are dying from a snake bite, is a sign that you will suffer from malice and envy of hypocritical friends. Dreams of snakes are warnings of various forms of evil. If you see, in a dream snakes that twist...
Dreaming of a sealed tooth?  You'll find long-lost propertyDreaming of a sealed tooth? You'll find long-lost property
08 Dec.
If you dream of teeth, you expect serious trouble associated with diseases. If your tooth is lost from your mouth, you expect failure or unpleasant news. If you dream a dentist pulled a tooth out, you expect a disease with...

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