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Eye color superstitionsEye color superstitions
25 Mar.
People with blue eyes, according to beliefs, are constantly moving and full of energy. Fate does not give them gifts, they have to fight alone. They get along very well with people with brown and black eyes. Blue eyes...
Mercury Enters Aries! Here's What to ExpectMercury Enters Aries! Here's What to Expect
14 Mar.
From March 13 to April 1, Mercury is going to be moving through fiery Aries, making all forms of communication more direct and clear. We may demand more independence in terms of our personal opinions. With the planet...
What Dreams of Various Herbs and Spices PortendWhat Dreams of Various Herbs and Spices Portend
14 Dec.
Undoubtedly, herbs and spices make our lives more aromatic and tasty. But what does it mean when we dream of them? In most cases, dreaming of herbs means that though you have certain anxieties, something good will come...
Angelic Phrases with Which to Change your Life!Angelic Phrases with Which to Change your Life!
12 July
Doreen Virtue is an American clairvoyant, doctor of psychology, spiritual healer and author. She gained popularity around the claim that she communicates with angels. For years now, Dr. Virtue has been leading seminars...
Honey against sleeplessnessHoney against sleeplessness
13 Mar.
Honey can be used as a sleeping pill not only in warm water or milk – it is a recipe for treating insomnia, known for centuries, are not just one or two. For example, two weeks in a row you can drink honey with water...
Men have erotic dreams more often than womenMen have erotic dreams more often than women
07 Feb.
Men dream more often of erotic dreams than women, but why do they attach greater importance to them? Specialists conducted a survey among more than 1, 000 sexually active women and found that 86 percent of them relate to...
Dreams of BirdsDreams of Birds
30 July
Birds in dreams symbolize hidden desires and hopes. Birds in dreams are intermediaries between the conscious and subconscious of a person. If in your dream you see birds flying, this means you will succeed in all of...
Dreaming of snakesDreaming of snakes
31 Mar.
To dream that you are dying from a snake bite, is a sign that you will suffer from malice and envy of hypocritical friends. Dreams of snakes are warnings of various forms of evil. If you see, in a dream snakes that twist...
See What`s Coming if you Dream of CloudsSee What`s Coming if you Dream of Clouds
19 Sept.
Clouds are a natural phenomenon that can inspire awe, as well as fear. Their occurrence in our dreams also induce contrasting emotions and are interpreted in different ways. Sometimes this element is a sign of troubles...
Our favourite color gives away what kind of people we areOur favourite color gives away what kind of people we are
25 Aug.
If you love purple, you love to be noticed. People who prefer purple in various shades are usually dreamers and regularly escape from reality, to build their own reality in which they feel more comfortable. They tend to doubt...
Dreaming of a sealed tooth?  You'll find long-lost propertyDreaming of a sealed tooth? You'll find long-lost property
08 Dec.
If you dream of teeth, you expect serious trouble associated with diseases. If your tooth is lost from your mouth, you expect failure or unpleasant news. If you dream a dentist pulled a tooth out, you expect a disease with...

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