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How to Cast a Love SpellHow to Cast a Love Spell
24 Feb.
The most appropriate days for carrying out this ancient ritual are Tuesday and Friday. It is best to conduct it out in nature since that way your positive energy will connect with the universe more easily....
The Most Stunning Human PhenomenaThe Most Stunning Human Phenomena
20 June
The farmer shares that he has a lot of free time, in which he works in his field, feeds the pigs, goes fishing and beats a ritual drum to fend off evil spirits from his village....
What is the Significance of a Handshake?What is the Significance of a Handshake?
26 Oct.
This gesture changed over the centuries and in modern times the ancient greeting ritual is expressed in the form of clasping and shaking of the palms. The handshake is done at the beginning and end of the meeting....
Ancient Egyptian MythsAncient Egyptian Myths
07 Jan.
Isis, however, managed to find all parts and fulfill funeral rituals over all parts of his body. So, Osiris had the opportunity to transmit and to manage the lower world....
Curses - reality or a hoax?Curses - reality or a hoax?
26 June
To be done with a wizard or sorcerer, a spell is a special ritual act, then the person who should be starting to hurt from his troubles after troubles accumulate. How to recognize the curse?...
Beliefs for Getting Rich from Around the WorldBeliefs for Getting Rich from Around the World
10 July
Italy In Italy they have a well-known ritual during a full moon that can make you rich. It is called Benvenuta Luna che mi porti fortuna or Welcome, moon and may you bring me good fortune....
Nan Madol: The Greatest Archaeological SecretNan Madol: The Greatest Archaeological Secret
04 Mar.
It is also difficult to determine when the ancient site was built since there has been no art, nor any type of ritual items found, which would help in identifying the builders....
Dreams That Predict MisfortuneDreams That Predict Misfortune
03 Aug.
The same effect can be achieved by the ritual of describing the dream while facing toward blowing wind. In this way you free yourself of the negative emotions, which the dream provokes....
An Unusual Creation of Nature - the 2-Headed SnakeAn Unusual Creation of Nature - the 2-Headed Snake
16 Apr.
Then, they go to a temple, where they take part in a washing ritual....
Prehistoric people were CannibalsPrehistoric people were Cannibals
19 Mar.
Since gnawing the bone usually occurs when a person wants to eat the last remaining piece of meat, it is believed that cannibalism was practiced only to the dead, after they are ritually killed....
Superstitions About MoneySuperstitions About Money
30 Sept.
After one week, the ritual is repeated....
Archaeologists Find the Grave of an Ancient King Buried with his HorseArchaeologists Find the Grave of an Ancient King Buried with his Horse
01 Sept.
Besides gold, the grave also held a valuable Scythian sword, chunks of raw iron, a chisel, ritual knife and an altar made from 3 types of metal....
Divination with MatchesDivination with Matches
03 Aug.
If the result is not to your liking, you can repeat the ritual, but no sooner than 30 days from then....
Scorpio 2013 - Yearly HoroscopeScorpio 2013 - Yearly Horoscope
17 Dec.
You are in accordance with the norms, traditions, rituals and thus express yourself more freely. You radiate harmony and give direction to what you do and create....
Pick a Card and Find out What you Should Change in your Life!Pick a Card and Find out What you Should Change in your Life!
06 Mar.
In their attempts to try to glean what lies in store for them they check their horoscope, go to fortune tellers and perform rituals such as divination with beans, divination with coffee, divination with tea....

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