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Who put in the chips in humans?Who put in the chips in humans?
24 Nov.
Nolan spoke to all the people and found that they all had the same memory, that they were located in an unfamiliar brightly lit room, and were there for about 2 hours....
Can Hair be Used for Magic?Can Hair be Used for Magic?
27 Oct.
The spiritual teacher Peter Deunov spoke of the mystical significance of hair more than 85 years ago. According to Deunov, the longer a person's hair, the stronger their connection with Space....
Mysterious Forest Creature Scares AmericansMysterious Forest Creature Scares Americans
08 Sept.
I became spooked and remained as if frozen. The creature saw me as well and stopped for a moment, after which it bolted off toward the forest, " shares Childers....
The Crinoline - the Dress That Killed Over 3000 WomenThe Crinoline - the Dress That Killed Over 3000 Women
14 Mar.
Her dress had caught on fire as she was attempting to reach several spoons above the fireplace. The girl died after suffering agony for hours on end, resulting from her serious burns....
Ghosts in the airplaneGhosts in the airplane
10 Sept.
The engineer was allowed no time to recover from this shock as the person spoke the words; 'Attention, attention! Fire in the plane'. This prophecy came true three months later. Rep Don was also a flight engineer....
Why is Intimacy Between 2 People Taboo in Church Canon Law?Why is Intimacy Between 2 People Taboo in Church Canon Law?
15 Jan.
The truth is that Jesus Christ never spoke out against sex but despite this the church has preached strict rules regarding the intimacy between 2 people, shows a BBC report....
Five-year-old boy remembers his past lifeFive-year-old boy remembers his past life
26 Apr.
He constantly spoke of his father Shane Robertson, who was crushed on the island of Bara by a truck. The boy constantly cried as he missed his mother from the island Bara and lapsed into a nervous breakdown....
Is your child an Indigo?Is your child an Indigo?
23 Feb.
Begins to eat with a spoon equally well with left and right hand. There are sometimes short attention exclusions, which may continue up to 5 minutes or more....
Elixir of Long Life Found at a Construction SiteElixir of Long Life Found at a Construction Site
11 July
Even the myths of ancient Greece spoke of ambrosia - the magical drink of the gods which makes people immortal. Ancient Indian tales also describe a simple recipe which can extend life....
Robots Will Communicate Like HumansRobots Will Communicate Like Humans
11 Nov.
When it spoke with a human being, Simon looked him right in the eyes. The experts conducted tests with the more energetic robot model in order to find out the attitudes it instilled in people....
Virgin Mary predicted Chernobyl disasterVirgin Mary predicted Chernobyl disaster
25 June
Mother of God spoke through his words and warned of impending nuclear disaster. She predicted that people hold upon hoping for God's help....
Supernatural Powers Love ChildrenSupernatural Powers Love Children
16 Sept.
As they walked through the city the boy spoke to an old lady. “why did you not keep your promise? You promised no to marry after my death? ”....
The Legend of the Sinister HitchhikerThe Legend of the Sinister Hitchhiker
20 Aug.
Tales of the sinister lady, dressed in white, can still be be heard now and again from a spooked driver, traveling alone in the countryside....
Everyday Beliefs That Portend Something GoodEveryday Beliefs That Portend Something Good
10 Nov.
If 2 spoons suddenly end up in a single plate, expect a nice surprise in love. If there's a small child in the family and it smiles while it's sleeping, this will bring happiness to the entire household....
The Prophecies of Leonardo da VinciThe Prophecies of Leonardo da Vinci
03 Nov.
He spoke of the Internet in the same way....

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