Numerological Prognosis Until July 2nd

To find out what numerology has in store for you between June 26 and July 2, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth.

The numbers 11 and 22 must not be added together because they are already karmic numbers according to numerology and bring additional opportunities, as well as responsibilities.

Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22. For example, if you were born on July 20, 1953, add up the digits of the day - 2+0=2, month number 7, and finally the digits of the year - 1+9+5+3=9.

In this case, the personal number is the sum between 2, 7 and 9, which gives us 18. Add 1+8 one final time and the result is the single digit 9.

1. Romance is taking over

You have a happy week ahead of you, in which you'll have the opportunity to improve your most cherished relationships. The important thing is to have a slight tinge of egotism if you want to be truly happy. Those who are feeling unhappy are going to try to make you like them. Avoid this and seek out situations in which you feel calm and spontaneous. You're going to have to choose between friendship and chemistry - you can't have both. Before you act, make sure you have both feet firmly planted on the ground. If you're looking for love or have a person by your side, the end of the month is going to be filled with romance.

2. Take pride in what you've achieved

Be strong in the face of every real or imaginary criticism this week. Don't doubt yourself. You're going to find people who are interested in your ideas and support you. Pull yourself together, organize and do everything possible to meet the expectations. On Thursday, you'll be able to take a serious look back at all of the things that you've achieved. The energy of the week brings good fortune to legal issues and sensible decisions regarding shared resources. It would be wise to save money toward the end of June.

3. More social than ever

Number 5

You're going to enjoy a shared energy this week. Spend your time with people who are kind and supportive - just like you are. Look for friends and social situations that'll help you lose yourself. Your mission this week is to become part of the whole and find a place where you feel satisfied. Plan parties, go out with friends and participate in group activities. Musical and spiritual disciplines may help you feel more at ease and centered.

4. The truth - difficult to say aloud but necessary

You're going to face a choice between the things you accept as normal and the changes that cannot be avoided. You can leave things to just develop on their own. But true progress comes once you're ready to take emotional charge of the situation and to admit your deepest needs, fears and desires. Those individuals who encourage you to be honest and less defensive are your best advisors. Gather courage and reveal the difficult truths in your life.

5. Be open to the new

You're going to have to accept a dose of disappointment this week. It's guaranteed if you're trying to avoid necessary changes. Open up and try new things. If you're ready - reflect on your life, think about what's truly important and make better decisions for yourself and your future. Don't judge others sharply because you're going to miss a number of important things. The period is good for work-related travels, as well as for preparing plans for improving the situation.

Number 8

6. Your social life is fitting in perfectly with your routine

You have the opportunity to make the world a more tranquil and beautiful place. The best part is you're going to have fun in the process. Your routine responsibilities need to be priority for you this week. You're going to successfully balance work responsibilities with an active social life. Get involved any time you feel that someone is being treated unfairly. Your opinion is valued more than you think. Relationships grow and mature when people talk openly about their real feelings.

7. The problems aren't as scary as you think

You're going to have to be strong in the face of quickly changing circumstances. You're easily going to lose focus over things. It's a mistake allowing fear and guilt being part of the way you look at the world. You're bigger than the problems and worries you have about the future. Your humor, goodness and desire to get closer to those you love will bring you peace.

8. Open your mind to new horizons

Number 22

When you refuse to change the habits that are obviously not working for you, the real question is - what are you afraid of exactly? Every automatic refusal to listen to what people have to say is yet another missed opportunity. This is especially true when we're talking about the people who love you and care for you. The period brings fortune that will allow you to expand your horizons. Plan a trip that will allow you the opportunity to get into contact with people who live far away. Read a book that will take you away from normal life and open your eyes to new things.

9. Things are falling into place

You're going to go through a period of timelessness, in which things will seem predictable and even boring. Despite the outer appearance, a potent energy is flowing right beneath the surface. It's going to help you place well-defined boundaries and build relations that can withstand anything coming your way. If you're in a serious relationship, be ready to help your partner achieve their dreams. The desire to do things that you aren't necessarily obligated to is the 1st step toward wisdom. Do everything you can to be a maximally devoted member of the team.

11. Organize yourself in every single aspect

The stars demand that you socialize as much as possible this week. You're going to find a way to free your heart. You're finally going to stop feeling blocked and disappointed. Invest all of your energy into being more considerate and organized in every single aspect. By taking on too many paths simultaneously, you're not going to be able to give it your all. Seriously consider what others have to say. They will help you achieve some of the specific things you want out of life.

22. The whole world is working for you

You're enjoying an incredible social energy this week. Do yourself a favor and accept it. Think about the situation or person that are making you feel shy - your worries are unfounded. If you wish to do the wise thing, invest as much time as possible around supportive and encouraging people. Open your heart and consciousness. This will allow the situation to work to your advantage. The week allows you to take a look back at your past in a particularly in-depth way. You're ready to continue forward.

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