What the Stars Portend for you Today - June 9

The Moon will be moving through Leo today, which will put most people in a festive mood. Today, more than ever, we're going to have the need to reveal our emotions and only work in fields we're passionate about.

Aries - At the beginning of the day you're going to feel attacked on all sides and view others' criticisms as completely unjust. But instead of fighting fire with fire, try to patiently hear others out because their advice can be very beneficial for you. Be more calm and you're not going to have big problems.

Taurus - Today you're going to be especially direct with the people around you and aren't going to feel any qualms about telling them the truth right in their face. You'll be surprised how well they'll take your words, no matter how sharp they may be. You may stop someone who's about to make a huge mistake.


Gemini - Today you'll be overflowing with good ideas, something that your higher ups will notice. You can also depend on your creativity today to help you work successfully. But be careful not to become too smug and start irritating others with your behavior. Try to find understanding with coworkers and friends.

Cancer - Today you'll feel like talking to your friends often in order to share whatever's happening throughout the day. You won't be lacking any ideas for work either but before you begin anything concrete, find out whether you have a solid foundation on which to begin work. Past failures will resurface today but you don't need to focus on them.

Leo - No matter how hard you try, it'll be hard for you to attract the attention of those around you with words today. Don't hold out hope that you'll manage to impress anyone with proficient oratory skills. Instead of focusing on speeches, try to convince others through your actions. Don't demonstrate your ideas with words, show others what you want yourself.

Virgo - Others will find it hard to understand your ideas today and this will be because of your behavior, as it will be difficult to determine what you must get done today and what you can put off. It also won't be easy to find the right words to describe the dilemma before you. So don't try to work as part of a team, instead try to resolve your problems through your own efforts.

Libra - You'll be making bold decisions regarding your future today, while the misunderstandings from the past few days will begin to clear up little by little. But be careful not to act too impulsively because unforeseen obstacles may appear. Rely on your knowledge and experience.

Scorpio - Today you'll frequently be drawn into conversations whose subjects don't interest you. You won't be particularly satisfied with your communication with others, as it will distract you from the tasks that are important to you. You'll be more emotional than usual and you may get angry or burst into tears for inexplicable reasons.


Sagittarius - A new project at work will excite you a lot today and you'll want to share what exactly you're working on with as many people as possible. You'll have the need to speak with others around you more often and to be with loved ones. Be careful if you have to make an important decision; first gather information and then act.

Capricorn - Your creativity today will incite you to fight all kinds of limitations but others won't understand your unusual behavior. Your approach toward work tasks may be more radical than usual. But there's no way for you to work without being mindful of others, so you're going to have to make some compromises.

Aquarius - You're not going to enjoy much progress at work today if you avoid reality and rely only on your fantasies. No matter what your dreams are, first stand face-to-face with the facts. You may have to change your entire strategy to prevent huge failure.

Pisces - Make more precise analyses and be more practical so that things run smoothly today. You're not going to have to make hasty decisions but you can focus on your future plans by being more of a realist than a dreamer.

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