Your Horoscope for Today - June 7

The tense aspect between the Sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Virgo advise us to be more meticulous when making career-based decisions because there's a possibility of making huge mistakes. Conflicts with our bosses are possible.

Aries - Today you'll be feel possessed by an intense urge to go shopping and renew your wardrobe. You have the need to buy something new, even though you have still not paid off all of your debts. An opportunity for renegotiating your credit is opening up before you today, so don't miss it.

Taurus - You'll be criticized often throughout the day, which will anger you because the criticisms will come from those who are doing a worse job at work than you are. But try to contain your fury and don't get distracted, instead focus on your assignments. An unexpected event may mess up your plans for the evening.


Gemini - Old quarrels will resurface once again today but this time you can use your enriched point of view to impose your opinion. You're not advised to buy new technological equipment today because there's a chance you'll be ripped off and later regret the fact that you've acted hastily. Later on in the day you may have to bring peace between 2 friends.

Cancer - You're going to face a serious risk today, one which your promotion depends on. But instead of getting angry over it, think about how the contacts you have available can benefit you. One of your loved ones will be ready to take on some of the difficulties that are worrying you.

Leo - Today you're going to face serious dilemmas regarding your love life. You have an opportunity to work on the problems in your current relationship or give a chance to a younger suitor. The serious hesitations will continue all day long and even everyday shopping will be a serious challenge for you.

Virgo - You'll find it harder to deal with provocations today, especially if they're coming from younger individuals who are unable to control their fury. You might also be holding out hope for an event or person from the past that are never going to come back. Seek peace and quiet today and don't be afraid to turn to others for help.

Libra - Your relations with your coworkers and bosses today might be a bit more strained. But don't run from the conflicts, instead face them head on because this way you might resolve a part of the problems that are tormenting you. Throughout the day you may receive a chance for new training or additional qualifications.

Scorpio - Friends and relatives today are going to swamp you with their desires for you to help them. You're going to feel exhausted from your own obligations but you can't turn down a favor for loved ones either. Just try to keep your irritation under control because it can provoke you toward actions you'll regret later.


Sagittarius - Today you'll be forced to give up some material comforts, while investing in your spiritual development. A loved one may be going through the same phase and this will bring you closer. You might feel as though the day is a disastrous one but after a time you'll be thankful for the lessons it will have taught you.

Capricorn - Others' worries will surprise you today and you'll analyze them with a great sense of curiosity. But instead of gossiping, take a look at others' professional and financial worries and try to learn from their mistakes. It's important that you define your priorities in your career today.

Aquarius - It'll be difficult for you to decide who you can trust today. Two friends or coworkers are going to be pulling you in 2 different directions, while you'll feel caught between a rock and a hard place. You may have problems if traveling and if rushing to make decisions. Be careful with your finances today.

Pisces - You're going to have to defend your position at work today because someone younger may try to take your spot. This person may be rough but ambitious as well. Think before you act because they are using your mistakes against you.

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