Facts about people with green eyes

Facts about people with green eyes

As is often heard, the eyes are the window to the soul. From a physiological point of view, eye color is a characteristic that is influenced by genes in the body. Besides being inherited, may believe that eye color is crucial for some traits.

Check out some of the characteristics of people who have green eyes.

Green-eyed people are rare, but they do attract others like a magnet. Green eyes are enticing, sometimes hypnotic, but it should be noted that people with such eyes are sometimes treacherous and evil. Often described as calculative, self- absorbed and cunning. Just as black eyes, green ones rarely go unnoticed. Their charm is able to open almost every heart. In their professional and personal lives, people with green eyes are often leaders. They are determined, endowed with sharp and penetrating mind, talented and capable. In romantic relationships, they rarely manage to give their partner the right of way, and compromise is not one of their strengths. They are more curious than others and have more interests. They tend to like classic arts. They are good listeners and speakers.

People with green eyes have a temper and only really genuinely respect over- achievers. Because of their leadership qualities, they rise boldly, and on their way eliminate all obstacles, often crushing everything around them.

The green eyes are very beautiful, but often hide coldness. Sometimes people with this eye color are selfish.

It is appropriate for green-eyed people to fill their life with people who are fans of the golden life.

In astrological signs, green-eyed individuals are the gentlest people in the world. The color of those eyes is a combination of the energy of Neptune and Venus.

If you have green eyes, ou will be proud of their beautiful look and attract the attention of others with the magnetism of your eyes.

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Comments (150)

13.06.2015 10:51
IM kinda glad ive got green eyes and i atually do like art !
15.03.2015 05:33
I'm not evil. Well... Not purposely...hehe... Anyways, having green eyes is just a gene you take after family members. Gesh.
20.03.2015 01:34
not necessarily bc nobody in my family has green eyes and i do and my eyes change colors too
lolz xx
22.02.2015 19:56
I'm a fucking Goth for fuck sake, of course in evil
29.11.2014 17:53
Me to a T. Except I don't think I am evil.
28.11.2014 14:00
astrological signs - eye colour and astrology have NOTHING to do with one another, astrology relates to when you were born, the date the time and the place. It can give some information about what you might look like but has no means of giving specific actuate information on eye colour OR on if any specific eye colour is gentile or an axe murderer. Astrology may give some indication of violent tenancies, or gentle tendencies on their own but not related to boy type, hair skin or eye colour
A Human
10.10.2014 20:21
Just wanted to say that there are some things that are true, but you can't generalise people. So....
I don't think I'm evil or self-absorbed.
(I have green eyes btw)
But I did enjoy this article :)
14.12.2014 00:52
Check some physiognomy.
07.10.2014 16:09
Sure its bias, but its just some myth like things. I have green eyes and I enjoyed reading just to see what people think. But, I am not offended.
04.10.2014 13:25
Accourding to ayurveda this described pitta people. They have penetrating eyes.

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