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The Zodiac Signs for Whom 2018 Will Be Unforgettable


We're only a few months away from the year 2018, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. And while some of us dare not make any plans yet, others are already trying to boldly predict the next set of events in their life and plan on starting a new job, finishing their education or solidifying their relationship via marriage.

We're all waiting excitedly to see what's going to happen when the Fire Rooster gives way to the Yellow Earth Dog. While for some the year isn't going to be particularly generous, for others it's going to be beyond bountiful.

If you'd like to find out who the lucky ones are going to be, keep reading below. Discover the zodiac signs who at this time next year will be sporting a smug smile on their face and enjoying the generosity of the Universe.



Even those of you who have lost faith in your own luck will become convinced in 2018 that miracles happen not only in books and movies but in real life as well. Right when you've lost all hope and sunk into dejection, something is going to happen that's going to make you raise your head proudly. Leos are finally going to witness a dream of theirs come true and fill their life with meaning.


In 2017 you realized that money isn't the key to happiness. No matter how much wealth a person has, it's worthless if it can't provide them the love of their relatives and the greatest gift of all - good health. Luckily, throughout 2018 you're going to have exactly that.


Thanks to your outstanding physical and mental condition you'll be able to start important projects, to resolve your family's most challenging issues and show everyone the vast potential that you have.


This year you're going to go on an adventure that you've always dreamed of but never quite had the finances, courage or free time required. All of your needs will finally be met and you'll be able to fully enjoy life.

You're going to dive into the unknown with glee and emerge in an area where you've seen only in your wildest, most beautiful dreams. You're going to take a lot of risks but also experience unique emotions, which few people can boast of. For you, the year 2018 is going to be beyond majestic!


Love - this is the word that can best and most accurately describe the next year for you. Those of you who had been worrying about not finding love are finally going to meet your fateful partner.

It's not going to happen easily but after many hardships and betrayals you're going to find the person to make you forget about your issues. The year is also going to be important for Aquarians in relationships because they're going to solidify their relationships and increase the size of their family by at least 1 member.