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Your Horoscope for Today - June 6


The positive conjunction between Venus and the Sun in Gemini is going to serve us up some very good news today but the tense aspect of Venus with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn will make us doubt our choices in love and finances.

Aries - You have to carefully weigh the pros and cons at work today to avoid making mistakes. The good news will seem too good to be true. You may express doubt toward the behavior of someone around you because it seems a bit too good.

Taurus - Completed financial deals today are going to be to your advantage and bring you the earnings you have need of. But before you agree to the deal, make sure you've gone over every little detail. To keep your money situation steady, it's important to be careful with spending.


Gemini - Today you're going to be like a magnet for others and easily attract people who are ready to help you, which is why the danger of making mistakes is minimal. But you'll be easily distracted and may find yourself talking with coworkers or messaging friends, without being able to concentrate on your work. For this reason, avoid serious tasks today.

Cancer - Others will find it hard to understand your desires today because your behavior will be driven by emotions, not reason. Additionally, you're not going to feel like you owe anyone an explanation for your decisions, as you persistently do that which you have in mind. It'll be hard for you to share and you'll prefer to keep your intentions to yourself.

Leo - You're going to need solitude today - large gatherings or social events won't be at all pleasant for you. You're going to be excessively sensitive throughout the day and will wish you could be invisible to others. Your isolation will give you the opportunity to pay more attention to your personal wants.

Virgo - You'll want to work alone today but your coworkers, even with the intention to help you, will only get in your way. Others will distract you with their advice and it'll be harder for you to concentrate on your work. Thoughts and fantasies about the future are also going to get in the way of your organizing things.

Libra - You'll fascinate others with your ideas today. You'll easily inspire and motivate others, which will also help your own personal growth. But as long as you continue to suppress your feelings on a given topic, success won't be absolute. Be more honest and overcome certain fears.

Scorpio - You feel like wanting to escape serious obligations today because you're not feeling confident in yourself. You prefer to give in to your fantasies, especially ones that have to do with travel. But by avoiding risk you also avoid the opportunities for a positive change.


Sagittarius - There won't be any small number of obstacles today but nothing will divert you from your goals. The tasks today will enthuse you and despite the expenses you're going to have to pay, you have opportunities for growth. Only watch out for deceptions and hastily-made decisions.

Capricorn - By striving not to hurt someone's feelings today you're not going to share your thoughts, keeping them to yourself. But you may be a bit too cautious and others may see you as overly cold and distrustful. Use your diplomacy and tact more but don't avoid communication with those around you.

Aquarius - Creating well-defined borders will be a difficult task for you today and you may wind up helping others more, while postponing your own assignments. You'll be surrounded by people who stand to gain from you, without them realizing that you don't have enough time to help everyone. Conversations will be pleasant but take a step back once you feel that they are abusing your aid.

Pisces - Today will stimulate your creativity, you can focus your imagination toward projects you've forsaken. Your productivity will be excellent if you use your fantasy a bit more. Avoid exchanging opinions with others, trust only yourself.