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Your Horoscope for Today - February 22!


We won't be at all comfortable today, we'll feel more irritated and emotionally unstable. On the one hand, the full moon in Leo has an effect, while on the other, the moon forms tense aspects with the Sun and Mars.

Aries - If you've been giving the wrong impression to someone for some time, today is the time to stop it. The game you've come up with might be fun but it can also hurt the person. Clear up your relationships with people and if necessary, cease talking with them.

Taurus - Your influence over others will be strong today but don't abuse it. Look for interesting people whom you can learn something from and get in the mindset for new opportunities. Don't be too impatient with your desires and don't take on too many tasks throughout the day.


Gemini - Do more physical activities today because they will fill you with energy. You can go for a run or go to the gym. Exercises and activity will give you satisfaction and charge you with a positive mood.

Cancer - Don't be shy, instead call up the people you want to see. You don't need to be insistent or aggressive when you want something but try to show that you care for the other person. Rely on honesty in order to clear up all misunderstandings.

Leo - Today you'll feel best when in the company of friends and coworkers. You'll have justification to feel unique in the setting you find yourself in. You'll often be the center of attention and influence others around you with your unrivaled viewpoint.

Virgo - You won't find work easy today but don't let the negativity affect your mood completely. Try to look on the bright side of whatever's happening and be a bit of a bigger idealist because this will protect you from sorrow and self-pity.

Libra - Today you'll be brimming with ideas which you must not keep to yourself but boldly share with others. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about a group vacation or a new project at work, seek out like-minded followers and you'll achieve positive results faster.

Scorpio - Don't be obsessed over control today and give others a chance to express their wants. You should be the one that's mindful today and the one who makes compromises. Give others around you the opportunity to realize their ideas and make them feel significant.


Sagittarius - News are on the way which will throw a wrench in your plans. You'll have to be a bit more flexible in order to deal with the novelties. Put your faith in the people around you because they will help you deal with your tasks today. You'll feel the pressures of stress but shouldn't worry about it too much.

Capricorn - The day will take you out of your comfort zone, no matter how unpleasant this may be. Challenges will rise one after the other and you'll have to resolve the problems as fast as possible. It won't be easy but some opportunities for growth will also come along with the hardships.

Aquarius - Inspiration will be with you today and allow you to solve some of the problems that have been plaguing you for a while. Follow your intuition and imagination so you realize your ideas successfully.

Pisces - The events today will cloud your judgement and you'll have the feeling that your wishes are slipping through your fingers. You'll lose control more easily and fall into the pits of self-pity. Find time for solitude and relaxation and don't complain about what's happening.