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Your Horoscope for Today, February 16

Daily Horoscope

A tense aspect between the Sun in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio will being about insignificant obstacles today but this won't affect communication because Venus and Mercury create a harmonious aspect.

Aries - Seek out your friends today, regardless if there's any real reason or not. Your conversations with them will take your mind off work and bring you a cheerful mood. They can also help you if you have need of advice.

Taurus - The day is perfect for communication because you'll understand others and they you easier than usual. If you have any intention of signing contracts or making important business negotiations, today is the most suitable date for this.

Gemini - Today you will experience significant hardships in terms of concentration and mobility at the workplace. With you being easily distracted and laziness it'll be harder for you to accomplish your tasks. Socialize more with the people around you because this will give you energy.


Cancer - The degree of success in your tasks today depends entirely on the responsibility with which you approach them. If you let the problems work themselves out because you refuse to take the initiative, expect big problems today and in the future.

Leo - You'd like for everyone to play by your rules today but you have to accept that other people have their own opinions as well. The day is excellent for meeting new people, so you can go somewhere new after work.

Virgo - You will feel calm and in your element today at work. You'll easily understand what's being asked of you and carry it out quickly. After work you can have some fun in the company of friends.

Libra - Today you'll primarily be dealing with boring assignments, related to documents. Your concentration will be poor but you are not advised to postpone your tasks because of it. Limit the things distracting you and get to work, even if it's not particularly interesting.

Scorpio - If your work is somehow related to expressing ideas - such as writing or speaking in public, you'll have huge successes today. You have a golden opportunity to receive more authority in the professional aspect, so grab your chance with determination.


Sagittarius - There will be changes in your work atmosphere today. Initially, the new things may confuse you but it would be best to quickly adapt to them. Don't resist the novelties, instead try to understand them and in the future they may open up new opportunities for you.

Capricorn - Signed contracts will bring you success today. You may spend a lot of time in front of the computer or on the phone but you'll be pleased by the fact that everything planned is being done correctly and on time. This will load you with a positive mood.

Aquarius - Your hard work will pay off today. The luckiest people will be those who have a writing, teaching or publishing job. Expect a raise from whatever it is you do. After work you can hang out with friends.

Pisces - You'll be in a cheerful mood all day. Important information will reach your ears today which may open the doors for future growth. At work, be consistent and don't postpone anything.