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Register and Become Immortal

Social networks

The social network Eter9 announced that they've found a way to have their users remain in cyberspace even after their physical death. Creators of the network have developed a special software that will fill out the profiles of deceased users and this way, in a sense, the user will remain on the Internet permanently.

Developers have created a program that analyzes the interests and behavior of all registered users in the social network in question. Eventually, Eter9 will on its own begin to post information from the name of the specific user, being able to very successfully imitate their behavior and even their way of thinking. The inventors also boast that the social network will be able to communicate like a real person.

To make use of all this, people will simply have to familiarize the social network with themselves - their memories, manners, characteristic traits and so on. Next, the bots will interpret the data and create something akin to a virtual copy of the person.

Like the social network Facebook, Eter9 also has a wall where different things are posted, as well as a news feed. The familiar Facebook Like button is substituted with a smiley face on that site. Further, Eter9 users can use so-called virtual assistants called Niners.

The creator of the network, Enrique Jorge, explains that the more active a given user is, the more things their virtual copy will learn about them and therefore imitate them more easily. At this time, the social network is in the beta testing phase.

About 5000 people have registered so far. Interestingly, even among the registered users there are those who see this idea of online immortality as spooky and even sinister.


Jorge states that the goal of the team working on creating the social network is to build a system with artificial intelligence that would learn at a faster rate than other popular networks.

This strange idea is not the 1st webpage on the Internet to promise us eternal life online. Lifenaut is an American company offering its users the opportunity to create a digital avatar, based on pictures, voice recordings and other information.

In the meantime, while some are trying to immortalize themselves in cyberspace, Facebook has found a more practical way of dealing with the problem.

In Great Britain, the social network now offers the option for users to choose one of their friends who will decide what to do with their profile after their death.