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Year of the Wood Goat for Gemini


Typical for the dualistic nature of Gemini, the year of the wood goat will also be composed of 2 completely contradictory periods.

The 1st period will be characterized as furious, energetic and fateful, while the 2nd will be distinguished by peace and a cozy atmosphere.

From February to July, those born under this sign will enjoy positive changes and will not linger too long in one place. This time period is ideal for going on those long-dreamed-of journeys. The months between August this year and February of next year are marked by coziness in the home and family values.

Throughout that period, Geminis will be worn out by the dynamics of the previous months and will have a need to be closer to their friends and relatives.

At the workplace, Geminis will be quite distracted and inconsistent. They will often be late to important meetings but this will not have much of an influence on others' opinions of them.

The enthusiasm with which they work on various projects will not go unnoticed by higher-ups. The period between September and December will be propitiatory for a raise.

Out of money

The wood goat has financial instability fated for Gemini this year. Their funds will never be enough and they will often resort to their savings. What they need to watch out for is taking out loans, even from friends.

It will be infinitely difficult for them to repay them and they risk ruining long-standing relationships. Their adventurous mood at the beginning of the year will cloud their sound judgment as to which types of spending are wise and which ones are not worth it.

When it comes to health, the year is also subdivided in 2 periods. During the first 6 months, they will have plenty of vitality to complete their tasks without any problems. But the 2nd half marks a serious drop in the immune defenses of Geminis.

Apparently worn out from the turbulent start of 2015, they will feel washed-out and not in a good mood. It is recommended they begin taking food supplements which must contain iron and calcium.

In love, Geminis will mainly seek sexual attraction. If they are in a relationship, it is not out of the question for it to end abruptly. A very small portion of them will decide to take a crucial step, such as getting engaged.