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Ice Age Threatens Earth in 15 Years

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Between the year 2030 and 2040, scientists predict that a brief ice age will occur on Earth, when the average temperatures drop noticeably and the sun's activity drops by 60%.

Experts from Northumbria University revealed to the Independent their method which gives unprecedentedly accurate results in terms of solar activity.

Data from the new method show that temperatures on Earth during the next 15 years will begin to gradually drop due to physical processes on the Sun's surface, reducing the star's activity.

"Our prognosis has an accuracy rate of 97%, " announced head of the team Prof. Valentina Zharkova, at a meeting with meteorologists from Wales. The expert adds that a similar phenomenon occurred on our planet between 1645-1715, when even the River Thames froze over.

The ice age will continue 10-12 years, until the changes within the Sun go back to their normal cycle once more. Until then, however, we can expect winters that are harsher than normal and the probable freezing over of a number of water sources.