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A 264-Pound Accountant Crushes a Crocodile


While on the road, the crocodile from the circus group Soviet Circus was injured after a 264-lb female accountant fell on him. The circus troupe was traveling from Murmansk to Severomorsk, when the bus fell into a pothole, resulting in the accountant of the circus losing her balance and falling atop the poor 7 ft crocodile Fedya.

The incident occurred while the crocodile was lying on a blanket on the floor, claimed the rest of the performers. Both were extremely shocked by the event, explained the manager of the circus Vasili Kolos.

Because of the ridiculous incident, the troupe halted its trip and the performers returned back to Murmansk. There, the 7 ft circus performer was thoroughly inspected by veterinarians. Fedya's inspection took around 3 hours.

The outcome turned out to be better than okay - Fedya is completely healthy, with no internal organs affected and can continue to entertain the circus's audience, announced vets.

The performers have decided that they can make a true sensational story from the ridiculous incident. The crocodile Fedya and the accountant have gained wide popularity after the event and the circus group has decided to turn the incident into one of their performances - it will be called Fedya and the accountant.

Fat woman

The troupe has announced that the crocodile and lady are already on their way to Moscow, where they plan to have their performance. Immediately afterwards, the duo will return to Murmansk, where they will continue to please audiences.

The circus organizers were quick to let everyone know that this time the performance will be under the watch of the crocodile's handlers and everything will be under control - without Fedya or the large lady being in any sort of danger.

At the same time however, the prosecution from Murmansk announced that another such "falling" of the large accountant on top of Fedya will be investigated as a crime. According to authorities, this is animal cruelty and can be strictly punishable.

Not long ago, another event took place in the circus - the Japanese macaque Vika gave birth to twins - representatives from the circus explained that these animals have a hard time reproducing if not free and in their natural habitat.