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Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

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The Capricorn woman has clearly set goals and follows her own desires steadfastly. No matter how much effort it might take, she tries to follow through on everything that she has decided on.

In the career field, she is a superb professional, while she prefers not to show her relations in her private life. A temperamental and happy person at the same time, who has specific demands for her life, as well as for the people present in it.

In order to let someone get close to her, he must be truly worthy. The Cancer man makes a great impression on you - he is very pleasant, well-mannered and almost exactly the way you want him to be. In addition, he is fascinated by you - because of how well you do your job, how clearly you have defined your goals and how strictly you follow the plan you have created.


No matter how vehement you are however, the Cancer man will complicate things for you to some extent. His gentleness and fascination toward you will befuddle and briefly deviate you from your path. The sensuality you read in his eyes and the dreams he shares with you allow you to look differently upon the world.

The male Cancer presents a world filled with love, miracles and much understanding to the Capricorn woman. A place without goals and ambitions, just plain happiness. This makes the female Capricorn happy, even though she feels quite strange in this position.


Disputes between them may appear mainly due to the fact that the Capricorn woman is not used to living this way. Later on, she will notice a grown-up child in the Cancer man.

In turn, the male Cancer will notice that the female Capricorn is quite cold and way too linear. For her, straying from the plan in her mind is simply impossible.

They can solve these differences - she must learn to show her weaknesses to the man she loves. This way, she will let him genuinely get close to her, while she herself will be convinced that there is not only a grown-up boy in the Cancer but also a man, who is ready to create a family and support it. Sexually, they will get along great.