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Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man Love Compatibility

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Whenever 2 opposing signs such as Aries and Sagittarius get together, they do it perfectly. Even though Aries is naive and the Sagittarius is more of a philosopher, both enjoy persuasive arguments in their heated debates, which usually improve their connection. Sometimes however, this can bring them serious problems.

The youthful aura of the Aries man and his confidence in himself allow him to overshadow most of the people around him. He is always overloaded with new ideas of ways to make life more exciting and lively.

He is very authoritative and wants to follow his own road. Aries can be highly critical of others and too direct, even when it is not necessary. However, his massive ego would never allow him to apologize, even when he knows that he hasn't been fair.


The Sagittarius woman is a wonderful lady and always tells the truth. But if "truth" is her favorite word, she hates diplomacy. If treated right, the joint life with her would be as sweet as honey.

She never manifests her ego. She has great respect for the male Aries, for his boldness and confidence. Sagittarius is always looking for an intelligent person in life, who would be able to provide the required protection and security.

An Aries in a relationship with a joyful, young Sagittarius lady can bring positive changes within him. The Sagittarius has an exceptionally gentle and sweet way of healing all the Aries's wounds, no matter if they are physical or emotional, which he has acquired due to his childish behavior.


This woman is in desperate need of romance, because it is the only thing which can get rid of her instinctive doubts. The most important thing that an Aries man must realize, is that the lady by his side is an idealist in love and that at times, it is more important to her than life itself. The Sagittarius woman is highly independent and hates being commanded. If this happens, it may lead to some extremely dramatic situations for Aries.

The Aries male in this relationship will be gifted with dedicated romance. Despite this, he will always want to prove his male superiority, independence and personal freedom. He will always take care of the well-being of Sagittarius and if anyone harms her in any way - he will be the first to come save her.

His sense of humor and instinct as a protector make him ideal for her, for she needs security on all levels. He accompanies her in all of her activities, values all of her talents, stimulates her individuality. Even though he may hurt her innocent heart with stupid comments, the Aries man will keep her essence unstained.

The Sagittarius and Aries soon realize that they are soul mates, with many things in common between them. The qualities displayed by the Aries man are just the ones that the Sagittarius woman has been looking for in a partner, while his supreme care and loyalty seal the deal. In turn, the harmony which the female Sagittarius bears is like a soothing remedy for the fierce soul of the Aries.