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Cancer Woman and Aries Man Love Compatibility

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Whenever the excited soul of the Aries man comes into contact with the sensitive one of the Cancer woman, the result is a combination of fire and water, which guarantees warmth and gentleness in their connection. At times, the warmth can reach high degrees, while the water may bring in high and low tides, but they create wonderful relations with an appropriate approach.

An Aries man assures the security and protection of the lady by his side. He is independent and very active, while truly hating monotony.


In a love connection with the Cancer woman, he appears full of exciting ideas "for" and "in" life, never forgetting to appreciate her innovation as well. His words may hurt from time to time, but know that he doesn't do it on purpose.

The female Cancer is highly sensual and loyal to her loved ones. In her love relationship with the Aries man, she goes forward with all of the love, care and understanding that she is capable of. The exceeding care, however, may be taken as an encroachment upon the personal space of Aries and may make him feel awkward.

The Cancer woman is a synonym of serenity, patience and love. She possesses the imagination and intellect of a person, who can run their profession and home well with her wise decisions and gentle actions. To be in love with a female Cancer may ensure an Aries male heaven on Earth, since she is so filled with love and care, with her only wish being to be giving toward him.


She is compassionate and can always be a joyful partner but also one he can count on during times of trouble. The Aries man must act fairly toward the mood changes of the Cancer woman and show and prove his love, as well as his attachment to her.

The Aries man dedicates himself to the relationship when he believes that he is the dominating partner. The female Cancer tends to find him arrogant and extremely independent many times over, but also one who is capable of soothing and supporting her in her low points in life.

The lack of time, the changes of opinion and lack of tact in this relationship make the Cancer woman feel insecure and react emotionally and irrationally quite often.

When these 2 signs get together, the relationship become so passionate and emotional that it may last forever. Their unison is so strong that their emotions flow together as in a stream, singing its song in the night.

They wake up in the early morning with winged hearts and are grateful for every day in which they can love each other.