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Aries Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

What is the most important in a relationship - relations, love, respect, sex? Maybe neither or all of these together? It's not important whether the stars tell you that you are compatible, whether his mother likes you, whether he wears his white socks fully stretched out.

The most important thing for the relationship is whether you can live without the white socks, whether you actually love the person enough to not care about what others around him say.

People always have something to say and the easiest thing for them is to judge others' relationships. But all that counts is how you both feel together. When it comes to what's most important in a relationship, both of you get to decide once more, as a couple.


Do not let unimportant side factors influence your relations. The only ones that will suffer are you yourselves - the members of the relationship.

It is for this reason that the Aries woman would never allow anyone to meddle in her affairs with her partner. She may ask for your opinion or occupy you endlessly with her own problems but she will not listen to your advice if she has her mind made up.

And if the female Aries is in a relationship with a male Libra - there is no point in her asking for another opinion. She sees the desire in his eyes, which makes her devoted. She has strong sympathies, but is not quite clear about what's happening. At one point she thinks that she is strongly in love and then in another she's convincing herself that maybe she's rushing things.


You are most likely in love with his charming attitude toward you. The Libra man is very gallant and always knows how to compliment a woman. Such a relationship wouldn't be very deep and the reasons would once again be secondary.

The man that the Aries woman has chosen is surrounded by plenty of women and this worries her in a way. Of course, he does not give a cause for alarm but nor does he deny anything. That's why, such a relationship will most likely be short-term.

No matter how well you dazzle the Aries woman, she can quite easily come to her senses and tell you that you've gone too far and that this is the end.

Sex will be plenty satisfying for both of them but at some point it won't be enough.