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The Chinese are Building a Second Titanic for $165 Million


The Chinese have decided to make a copy of the luxury liner Titanic, that sank more than a century ago. An energy company came up with the idea, announcing that for the replica they will spend a whole $165 million. The ship will be made to the exact dimensions of the original Titanic.

The liner will be part of a theme park in the province of Sichuan - experts claim that the copy of the most famous liner in the world will be absolutely precise to the smallest detail.

Titanic became the center of great sensation in China, especially after the release of the movie bearing the same name by James Cameron. The production, created in 1997, reaped truly great success - the leading roles were assigned to Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actual ship was built in 1912 - at the time it was the largest passenger ship. The idea for its construction was born back in 1909 but building began 2 years later. During its maiden voyage, just 5 days after leaving shore, the ship hit an iceberg and sank.

Ship building

The enormous ship was split in 2 parts and took about 2 hours and 40 min. to completely sink. In less than 3 hours, 1500 people died - passengers and ship personnel, with the total number of people who boarded Titanic numbering just over 2200.

According to the Chinese News Agency Xinhua, the owners of the company Seven Star Energy Investment will be attempting to re-create the atmosphere of the liner's moment of impact with the iceberg. However, there is no further information on how exactly this will be done.

The construction of the 885 ft-long (270 m) ship will take 2 years, but it turns out that the Chinese energy company is not the only one with an interest in building a second Titanic.

Clive Palmer, an Australian tycoon, has presented plans for the building of a replica of the famous ship. The replica is expected to have its maiden voyage in 2 years - in 2016.