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Pisces Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility


Scorpio and Pisces are different zodiac signs but share the same element. This rallies them together and makes them so suitable for each other that there is hardly another couple like them. They can find out exactly how the other person feels and feel the complementary, in-depth approach toward the relationship. Both are similar in their strong intuition and complex emotionality.

The Scorpio man has a strong will, resolution and a sense of infallibility, veiled in his conviction, that he is truly doing the right thing, for example, defending some just cause. He has an uncomparable initial magnetism that makes him stand out among the crowd at first glance, wherever he goes and whatever he does. He may be calm and serene, impervious and appear seemingly unperturbed, until someone peeks under this false mask and finds out just how strongly his emotions rage. But usually this fiery passion is his guiding force for achieving his goals or get what he has been wishing for desperately.

A love connection with a man, representative of the Scorpio sign, is a dream come true for every woman since he is a person having inimitable loyalty and is able to express his admiration toward her. He can shower her with delicate love and make her get the sense that she is the most wonderful thing to ever happen to him.

Love compatibility

The Pisces woman, in turn, is wholeheartedly polite, sincere and caring. Her soul is gifted with superhuman empathy and deep insight. She knows how powerful love can be and how to act when we love and would never think to abandon this fascinating quality. Sometimes she can be naive, without a realistic view of the world and others but this is because of her compelling desire for them to fit into the image that she has made for them. A love connection can only bring the best out of a female Pisces since she always fits into and gets used to the behavioral pattern of her beloved, while at the same time having a genuine and informal respect for the man by her side. She is not very capable of demonstrating her values and strong sides but one will always be able to figure out what she's like based on a small gesture and act.

The Pisces woman may end up being the perfect partner for the robust and unyielding male Scorpio. It looks as though she always has a need for the strong shoulder of her chosen in order to get out of a hardship, while a real man of honor - the Scorpio, has been waiting for just such a sign to come to her aid. Qualities such as protection, stability and mutual aid can easily be ascribed to him, specially when he is able to help someone in distress. He would be able to have the complete trust and freedom to relax, to share with a female Pisces, since she is remarkably patient and an intelligent listener.

The Scorpio can tell of his inner secrets and dreams, being sure that she will keep them to herself. His expectations are too high sometimes, wanting the complete trust and loyalty of his partner, while the Pisces woman matches these requirements in general. Her mindset is optimistic, she is open toward the world, the career and professional obligations of her man. Even though to some she may not appear very smart, the thoughts and ideas that she comes up with are at a much higher level than what others notice at first glance. The Pisces woman is well familiar with technical and spiritual subjects, which arouses deep admiration in the Scorpio man.


The connection that forms between them may end up being promising and long-lasting. She has so many positive aspects of compatibility: love, business, personal interests and seeking of intellectual topics. The Pisces woman and Scorpio man go hand-in-hand, as if it is the most natural thing in the world for them. Their love is so dominant and so genuinely deep on so many levels, that it will take years just to lift some of the veil of its secrecy.

Since there are no hidden secrets or unresolved problems in the communication between them, they truly can remain together for a long time. Normally they are in harmony with the mood of the other person but if there is a more hidden approach or if they keep quiet about something, it leads to suspicion and great jealousy. Still, the male Scorpio is able to better understand his partner and it is difficult for such situations to arise, especially since he consciously makes efforts to avoid them.

The male Scorpio and female Pisces have wonderful relations, distinct with such great devotion that they can even begin to read each other's thoughts. Both love harmony and stability and seek to have the complete attention and dedication of the other. They are generous to each other and have confidence in their inescapable fate, while the romance that they radiate makes everyone else say that they are truly happy. The Scorpio man understands that he must be more controlling of his jealousy, and is able to keep his self-control whenever he has doubts if the Pisces woman learns to be more clear in her relations with him. Their love is teeming with glorious, poetic displays and a delicate touch, hugs and kisses, which pulls them together even closer.

Love connection

The sexual compatibility between the male Scorpio and female Pisces is one of the best among all of the zodiac signs. His natural, primal passion and fiery temperament, that he uses in love, along with his inborn charisma to easily gain the trust and favor of women makes her give herself over entirely to him in mind, body and heart. This births one inimitable intimate connection. It is so deep and so powerful, that it may end up being the sole reason for this couple to stay together.

The passion that the male Scorpio often shows during sex gives a sense of security and a sign of love to the female Pisces, who in turn responds back politely and suavely to his wishes, which causes him even greater excitement. Their knowledge of how to please each other but also the purity of their love on an emotional-spiritual level makes their physical connection filled with even greater intimacy. The Scorpio man is always happy to hold his delicate woman in his arms while the representative of the Pisces sign fruitfully enjoys the serenity that she receives from her partner. If, however, there are some weak points in their connection, the sexual intimacy quickly intervenes and always compensates, making their union ever more fortified than before.

A negative aspect to their connection is when the female Pisces is unable to be contained within the limits of her emotional composure and restraint, becoming truly uncomprehensible for her Scorpio partner. Since he has the unique insight to easily "read" what kind of mood she's in, he may tend to get angry with her, which may lead to an argument between them. Whenever Scorpio loses self-control he can be brutally aggressive and spew hurtful words and insults. If they are unable to overcome these critical moments and go their separate ways, they quickly realize that no one else can give them what they had together. It is possible for them to break up often but also quickly get back together again.



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shes know I am
shes know I am
13.04.2014 10:08
Im dating a Pisces female I'm a Scorpio man, and so far this is been one of the most in-depth relationships I've had. I finally feel cared for I cannot wait to treat her like a queen and give her everything she deserves. everything about a Pisces female is elegant and ladylike I only hope the best for us in the future
See thru you
See thru you
15.04.2014 02:50
She's a fucking porker. After 5 days you feel cared for? Who are u trying to fool. You have a new hoe every week. Yea best luck in the future... U tell EVERY girl you are gonna treat her like a queen... Remember Irene?! Lmfao!!!