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Pisces Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility

Jana G.Jana G.

The Pisces woman and Libra man are a good couple but both partners will feel a lack of realism and wise decisions. This will be an obstacle in the creation of a stable unison.

The combination of two emotional and sentimental zodiac signs is decent but each one of them is sentimental in their own way and they are often on different wavelengths. Whenever one of them follows the path of wisdom, the other follows the path of the heart. That's why it is sometimes difficult for them to find common ground.

Conflicts will take place quite often in this couple. This is related to the fact that the male Libra is romantic by nature but shows his feelings with careful consideration of his reasoning. The female Pisces is a romantic and a dreamer, acting only on intuition. However, if they truly want to be together they can achieve long-term understanding.

The Libra man, who is constantly perplexed, often has hardships in making a concrete decision. His professional and social success will depend entirely on his beloved - the Pisces woman, who will inspire him to give his best.


The couple will have a need for dynamics and energy. The sentimentality of both of them will only bring fatigue. This couple will be quite sorrowful in general.

The delicate romance of Pisces combined with the sophisticated views of the Libra should in theory transform their relations into true bliss. But the female Pisces becomes worn out from the male Libra's constant wish for her to make compromises.

Unfortunately, the initial enthusiasm of the Libra man toward the Pisces woman is substituted with complete uncomprehension of her fluctuating and emotional nature.

The Pisces woman, in turn, inspired by the intellect of the Libra man will suddenly become cold toward him, because she will have a hard time putting up with his excessive self-confidence, which he will display in front of others by ignoring her.