What does it mean to dream of Child?

1. If you see a child in a dream, then worries and troubles are ahead of you and if you dream of many children, illnesses and unpleasant worries for the family await you..

2. If they are big children/adolescents/ and are healthy, then a pleasant acquaintance awaits you soon, and if they are sick, troubles, worries and problems await you..

3. If you dream that you are carrying a child in your arms, you will hear praise and favors addressed to you..

4. If you give birth or adopt a child, great luck and quick success await you..

5. If you dream that you are giving birth to a child, it is very likely that you will soon discover that you are pregnant..

6. If a man gives birth in his dream, he will get rid of heavy worries or overcome a great challenge..

7. If you see an abandoned child in your dream and help them with something, you will enjoy loyal friends..

8. If you see a child sleeping in your dream, understanding and companionship will reign in your house..

9. If you dream of a crying child, joy awaits you..

10. If you see your children in a dream, prepare for progress and a fast career..

11. If you take care of someone else's child in your dream, this is a sign that you will enjoy public recognition and success in your job. Your plans will be crowned with success..

12. When a woman dreams that she is breastfeeding someone else's baby, this is a warning that a friend will benefit from kindness and nobility and and will try to deceive her..

13. If you had a dream that a child is missing or you dream that your child is missing, this is a sign that you have great doubts about your abilities as a parent and are not confident that you are doing a good job of raising and educating children..

14. If you dream that a child is falling, this indicates that you feel helpless to change the course of events..

15. If you dream of a sick child, problems are ahead..

16. If in a dream you see a dead child, this is a sign that troubles and problems are coming..

17. If you dreamed of a woman with a child, this is a symbol of family. It may mean that you will take care of something for your loved one or you will make your family happy with a new acquisition..

18. If you see a naked child in a dream, this is a warning that your health is seriously threatened by an insidious disease..

19. If you dream that you are losing your child, it almost always means something important that is about to appear or disappear..

20. If you dream of a premature child, it means that some good idea or intention of yours will not come true according to your wishes, something in your plans will go wrong..

21. If you see an abandoned child in your dream, then you are about to find out about secrets in the family or an unpleasant truth will be revealed..


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