What does it mean to dream of Witch?

1. If in a dream you see a witch and get scared, run away from her, it means you'll overcome a danger.

2. If you dream that a witch catches or touches you, it means problems await.

3. If you defeat a witch with cleverness, it means even your enemies will help you.

4. If you dream that a witch is casting magic, it means arguments, a breakup with your partner, loved ones, coworkers, are on the horizon.

5. If you dream that you’re begging a witch for a favor, it means you'll soon use scams to realize what you desire.

6. If you're talking to a witch, it means a wedding or relationship is in store for you.

7. If you see yourself as a wizard in a dream, it means you'll achieve professional progress, you'll develop successfully, while if you see someone else as a wizard, it means you'll have a meeting with an old friend or experience successful changes.


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