Coloured snakes

What does it mean to dream of Coloured snakes?
Coloured snakes

1. If you see a snake in a dream, expect good and bad events..

2. If they are coloured snakes, good events will outweigh the bad, and vice versa..


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23.05.2014 22:26
I had a dream last night of huge green snake with black spots it was trying to attack me and I was trying to grab it with my hands it snapped at me, but never got me then my husband tapped me and told me to look to my right and there was another huge snake same color. Now this one did not attempt to attack, but just looked at us and proceeded to the crazy snake and started to mate with it and all of the sudden as they where mating the mean snake was turning pink all the way and the second snake turned yellow..... What does that mean????? This is not the first I dreamed about snakes. there has been a lot of tension going on for the past 8 years with my husband's side of the family and I don't know if it haves something to do with it.... Please help!