What does it mean to dream of Neem?

1. Seeing in your dreams that you lie under a Neem, you will be patronized by important people.

2. If you see a tree in your way, you can expect to encounter obstacles and difficulties in the workplace.

3. Shaking a Neem in your dream, means that your success is close by.

4. A blossomed tree in a dream is a sign of impending happiness, if it’s full of fruit, you have many friends and happy family.

5. If you see in a dream that wood burns, it means that someone may die.

6. If you fall from a tree in your dream, you will be reduce in the office or will be put out in front of friends.

7. A tree without fruit in a dream, means that your efforts will be vain and fruitless.

8. If you dream that you climb on a Neem, you're headed promotion in the workplace.

9. If you see fallen trees, your hopes and illusions you will die.

10. If you dream of clustered trees, you will work hard.

11. If you see a dead tree, it is a prediction of sleep problems and health troubles.


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08.07.2015 21:47
some branches fallen in dream wat this mean