What does it mean to dream of Shoes?

1. Dreaming that you buy shoes, means you will have potentate cases.

2. Dreaming that someone else buys you shoes, predicts that you will learn about marriage or engagement.

3. To dream that you buy shoes for someone, suggests that you will have intimate relationships.

4. Dreaming that wear old or worn shoes, predicts that you will suffer losses, and you are slack in your work.

5. Dreaming that you shoes are narrow and uncomfortable, suggests that you will have difficulties in the office, will feel oppressed and depressed.

6. Woman's shoes in a dream are a sign of love and cunning craftiness, and male shoes is a sign for good gains and successes through the work.

7. To dream that you loose your shoes, signifies that you wait for the material and spiritual impoverishment.

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ella vee you

2015-07-31, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Shoes

I dreamt of my ex boyfriend putting me my shoes on. What does that suppose to mean? Thanks

2014-09-30, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Shoes

I dreamed that my dead mother had on red high heels shoes. I was on a bridge with her and my dead father and my niece. My mother was in front. I was behind her. My dad was behind me, and my niece was behind him. We were on a wooden bridge, over rapid waters. My mother lost her red shoe. Right foot in the water. I took her to safety. Everyone followed. I went back for the red shoe, but could not reach it.
Your Name

2014-05-03, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Shoes

what is the meaning of my dream,that i found one left new red shining shoe and i worn it in my right foot seems it is not fitted and notice that uncomfortable itake off the shoe and discard.
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