What does it mean to dream of Eyes?

1. To dream that your eyes have been gouged out, suggests that you have problems ahead.

2. To dream that your eyes are closed, portends a secret love.

3. Dreaming that you are farsighted, portends excessive devotion to work.

4. Dreaming of short-sighted eyes, suggests that you will have unnecessary care about privacy.

5. To dream that you visit the eye doctor, means your looking for justice for others and forget about yourself.

6. To dream that you see your own eyes, means you will get the chance to see the truth about your work.

7. To dream of a sleepy eyed person, means they will tell you something important.

8. To dream that you are one-eyed, means you will lose a good friend.

9. To dream of blue eyes, suggests good tidings ahead.

10. To dream of green eyes, suggests that you are surprised.

11. Dreaming of brown eyes is a sign, for good friends and shared love.

12. To dream of gray eyes, foretells a hidden enemy.

13. To dream of black eyes, portends strong emotions.

14. To dream that you have a blind eye, suggests that you threaten something and you will be deceived by people who believe in you.

15. Dreaming you see a man with a glass eye, represents your joy, however one that you will be ashamed of.

16. Dreaming of a squint, represents a confusion or split.


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