What does it mean to dream of Fire?

1. Dreaming that you see a fire in your home, means you will have joy in the family.

2. To dream of a fire with smoke, represents troubles ahead.

3. To dream of smoke without fire, means you will have an easy win.

4. To dream that you extinguish any fire, signifies that you will be lucky, however you will need to give up your intentions.

5. To dream that you burned in the fire, means you'll suffer from developments.

6. To dream you got burned in a fire, suggests that you'll have a great misfortune.

7. To dream that you skipped over a fire, means you will have good health.

8. To dream of a fire around you, means you will have serious obstacles in the workplace.

9. Dreaming of a blazing fire, suggests you will have stormy passions with an alternating sign, sometimes love and joy, then sorrow and tribulations.


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