What does it mean to dream of Sea?

1. To dream of drowning in the sea, indicates that you wait for disasters.

2. Dreaming that you travel on quiet and smooth seas, means you ill be happy in life.

3. To dream that you are excited to travel in the sea, predicts that you will meet difficulties and obstacles in work and family.

4. Dreaming that you see someone in the sea, means that you trust an adventurer.

5. To dream that you fall or sink into the sea, predicts misfortune and trouble to befall on you.

6. Dreaming that you sleep on the sea, suggests that your life will be calm and assured.

7. Dreaming that you bathe in the sea, means you will try to change your fate.

8. To dream of the summer sea, indicates that you will have a varied and interesting life.

9. To dream of the winter sea, predicts boredom and monotony.

10. To dream you are a sailor on the sea, suggests a surprise of forthcoming events and that you life takes some turns.

11. Dreaming of stormy seas, suggests there are changes ahead that shake you up.


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