Horse and Stable

What does it mean to dream of Horse and Stable?
Horse and Stable

1. To dream you buy a beautiful and powerful horse, means you will marry a good woman.

2. To dream you ride with a gallop, indicates wealth.

3. To dream that you prepare your dream horse, means you will provide large financial benefits.

4. To dream of a white horse, means you will be happy.

5. To dream of grooming the horse, suggests you will enjoy welfare and benefits.

6. To dream you see a lone rider, suggests that you will have news.

7. To dream of a black horse, means you are to be in trouble.

8. To dream you see wild horses, suggests that you are liberal.

9. To dream you see a dead, wounded or sick horse, indicates you have your failures.

10. To dream of a red horse, suggests you have glory and honor.

11. To dream you steal horses, suggests your at risk of cheating.

12. To dream of an unbroken horse, suggests a sex symbol.

13. To dream you groom a horse, means you will have a suitor or lover.

14. To dream you ride a horse, means you will have success.

15. To dream you are a horseman, means you have a great marriage.

16. To dream a horse kicks you, means you are conflicting with enemies.

17. To dream you like the horse, means you will suffer failure.

18. To dream of a horse feeding, means you will strive for independence.

19. To dream you are part of a dream horse team, suggests you are to start a new job.


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