What does it mean to dream of Shirt?

1. To dream of a cotton or linen shirt, indicates that you gain joy and pleasure from your labor.

2. To dream of a silk or satin shirt, indicates that you will have to win through influential patrons.

3. To dream that you sleep in your shirt, indicates that you expected a better life.

4. To dream that you lost your shirt, suggests that you remain unprotected.

5. To dream that you got a shirt, predicts that you will be healthy.

6. To dream that you washed or bleached your shirt, indicates that you will hide embarrassing secrets.

7. To dream of a dirty, wrinkled or torn shirt, warns of trouble and disease.

8. Dreaming that you give your shirt to someone, indicates that you will have a good friend.

9. To dream of a clean, white shirt, predicts that you are waiting for prosperity and success.

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