Why green glow in the cemetery? Total mystery!

Why green glow in the cemetery? Total mystery!

American Association for the Study of anomalous phenomena will try to answer the mystery of why the cemetery at night broadcasts a green light.

A team of scientists was formed to pinpoint the reasons for the sinister phenomenon.

Why green glow in the cemetery? Total mystery!

Most often it is described by witnesses as greenish jets at an altitude of a meter from the graves, forming a sort of Aura over them.

So far, the most widespread assumption was that the green emissions of the "houses" of the dead are due to phosphorus. It was assumed that light is formed by separating the human body in the process of its decomposition.

However not one but two scientists deny this theory with one logical explanation. Dead people are usually buried two meters into he earth meaning that the green light is unable to pass through such a length.

Scientists have conducted dozens of experiments such as, placing large quantities of phosphorus more of which would be contained in the human body and placed it in wooden boxes under the ground.

Shock! The result ended in not being able to see any mysterious green lights during the night.

All experiments completed ended with the the same result.

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29.05.2015 00:20
I have witnessed this on several occasions working third shift st Cumberland farms gas station in putnam ct, where there happens to be a cem across the street, the phenomenon happens between 2am and 4am. Never earlier or later.