Tunguska Event

Tunguska Event

The fact is that back in 1908, on the 30th of June, something extraordinary happened in the southern part of Central Siberia (in Podkamenna Tunguska) and so far no clear evidence of what exactly this was exists.

Why the Tunguska phenomenon? Early- on, the falling body was called a meteorite, because all cosmic bodies that fall to the ground are meteorites. But that would mean that if the Tunguska object is considered a meteorite, it would have formed a hole with a diameter of 1500 meters and great depth, as it is believed that its mass was at least 100, 000 tons. Crater, however, there was none.

An object engulfed in fire flew toward the Earth, leaving behind tracks and the explosions, that it carried while it flew at high speed towards the ground, were heard as far as 1000 km away. The space crash was seen by thousands of people.

It is believed that what fell in the Siberian taiga, was the cause of serious cataclysmic events. The Tunguska phenomenon caused many natural disasters - an earthquake had shaken the Vanavara village and was felt 120 km away, and the powerful roar animals frightened all animals and thy fled into the taiga, trees began to fall and huge waves rose from the river.

There are fallen trees as far as 60 kilometers from the crash site. The air blast from the collision of this body is orbited earth twice and was felt in in Copenhagen, Zagreb, Washington and London.

A magnetic storm began, which scientists hey define as very reminiscent of the disturbances that occur after tests of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere.

After this explosion various strengths and levels of natural phenomena were observed for several days. In Siberia, the middle part of Asia and most of Europe, there was no night between June 30 and July 1, and the sky was dotted with pink and green clouds.

Some hypotheses about what happened on July 30, 1908 include – the icy nucleus of a comet, alien craft and an iron nickel meteorite, it is believed it may have been a meeting of the Earth with a black hole. Some scientists continue to support the thesis that this body was a meteorite, but the lack of a crater explained by the fact that he has exploded before hitting the Earth.

One of the most exotic hypotheses is that the phenomenon was caused by the efforts of the legendary Nikola Tesla.

Even today science still has no precise answer to the question of what exactly happened.


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