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Panic in Iceland! The Hekla Volcano is about to Blow

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Volcanic eruption

The Hekla volcano in Iceland is ready to blow - this is what specially installed GPS and strain gauges are indicating.

The seismic zone in Iceland is one of the most closely watched on Earth. The region is highly seismic and earthquakes are common. There are systems installed around nearly every volcano that measure changes in their shape and the resulting subterranean pressures.

Hekla volcano is considered to be one of the most dangerous in Iceland. Even with all the technologies for predicting eruptions, sometimes they happen out of the blue. This was the case in the year 2000, when Hekla erupted unexpectedly. It looks like it's about to get activated once again.

The team of Icelandic seismologists, with Dr. Pall Einarsson at their head, warns about high pressure readings on the strain gauges. All people and airplanes are being warned to stay clear of Hekla.

The scientists' conclusion is based on the observation that Hekla usually erupts every 10 years. Additionally, the pressure between the tectonic plates is several times greater than what it was 16 years ago.


The fears have not yet been confirmed. However, even a supposed eruption is incredibly worrisome, considering that Hekla is one of the most dangerous Icelandic volcanoes. In the country they even call it the "Gateway to Hell".

Over the past 1000 years it has erupted about 20 times, every time accompanied by no small amount of damage and endangering the lives of thousands.