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Anonymous Group - Modern Masked Revolutionaries

Antonia R.Antonia R.

"You weren't born on this world to be a slave to people with power, " states the motto of the Anonymous community which has grown into a sort of modern social revolution, under the guise of a Guy Fawkes mask.

Anonymous have no leader and cannot even be defined as an organization but have in recent years become famous for their hack attacks which have affected even the secure systems used by the Kremlin and NATO.

They began their cyber attacks in 2008 and continue to this day.

The concept of Anonymous originated from the image board 4chan and represented the idea of a community of online and offline users, all functioning together as a sort of digital and global brain.

Anonymous consider themselves Legion, saying that they are more of an idea than an informal group. Anonymous do not tolerate authority and its laws, they do not serve the system and do not want its money.

Members of it can be recognized by the characteristic Guy Fawkes mask, that all representatives of Anonymous wear.

The famous likeness of the mask comes from the English soldier Guy Fawkes who belonged to a group of Catholic conspirators that organized the so-called Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

After the death of the English queen Elizabeth I, a group of Catholics in England were hoping that the limitations imposed on them by the Tudor dynasty would be dissolved.

However, this did not happen and Robert Catesby proposed blowing up the House of Lords during King James I and his family's visit.

To execute their plan, they placed 36 barrels of gunpowder underneath the House of Lords. One of the conspirators, realizing that many innocent people might die, sent an anonymous letter to his friend Lord Monteagle, urging him not to go to the House of Lords on the day of the king's visit.

The letter fell into the hands of the king and during an underground raid, Guy Fawkes was captured. The soldier was tortured until he identified the remaining conspirators and was finally hung from the scaffold.

The image of Guy Fawkes was created by the artist David Lloyd and today the thin mustaches and sharp chin of the Englishman are used as a mask by Anonymous.