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Taurus Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility


Venus is the planet that has influence over these two zodiac signs. In physical appearance, Libras sometimes have irresistible dimples, and Taureans have a slight cleft chin. Both signs are endowed with physical beauty and an elegant, charming appearance.

A Libra man has a strong intellect and a meticulous sense of what is the perfect perfect solution for any problem.

With a charming smile and a refined sense of style, he never lacks admirers, especially those who are sincerely interested. He loves a peaceful and quiet atmosphere combined with all the comforts that the world can afford him.

A Libra man is a true portrait of a gentleman who, with his desire for understanding and reconciliation, gently gives way, to enable the favored woman to go ahead and tell her demands.

He feels in perfect harmony and is always happy when he has a connection, although it does not make him the most committed and devoted lover in the world.

A Taurus woman is a kind-hearted lady with a delicate nature, who can demonstrate an impressive level of self-control and patience.

Her noticeable sensuality and sophistication make her a feminine deity. While she is almost always calm and cool, not prone to loudly expressing her emotions, she can suddenly explode with terrible force, due to anger kept inside for extended periods, and crosses all boundaries of good manners and common sense.

She usually enjoys a clean and tidy environment. Her loyalty in a relationship is truly impressive, and this is rewarded by her lover with the display of attention and kind gestures.

The Taurus woman usually takes a long time to be charmed using intellect and for a contender for her heart to interest her, but in the case of meeting a Libra man, she is quickly struck by his charming manners.

This pair is fully compatible in terms of taste and aesthetic vision. The home of the Taurus woman is always decorated with impressive lush covers in soft colors, compact and stylish appliances, beautiful furniture of refined style, that a Libra man highly appreciates.

She can always make a great companion for him and a good adviser too, and he would love her for it.

The only thing a Taurus woman should refrain from, is showing her temper and stubbornness.

She is often hard, assertive and expresses very strong emotions, which may appear as harshness and take away from the desired image a Libra man seeks, one of a strong and cautious female aura.

When in a bad mood, this lady should carefully monitor her partner, because Libras are overly sensitive and detect any small sign of change in people.

Nevertheless, with a charming smile and velvety voice, a Libra man can always make the atmosphere more accommodating and pleasant.

The charismatic Libra man is a great partner for the elegant Taurus woman, as he appreciates the grace of his lady. He can refer to her with all the respect and admiration that a lady deserves.

A Libra man places utmost importance in maintaining good relations in love, and usually does not reveal his ego when arguing with the woman beside him.

The Taurus is not usually particularly delighted by the obvious manifestations of passive affection, which he would surely have, if asked to show his feelings with more romantic gestures rather than just words.

The only obstacle between them may be that he tends to be too lazy at times, for example, to clean up after himself in the bathroom or kitchen, and abandons started projects half way through.

If the Taurus truly cares for him with some motherly devotion, they are unlikely ever to be separated.