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The Kolsky Deep Probe


The date of May 24 marks the beginning of a project that will make real discoveries about the structure of the Earth. The project started in 1970 and is located on the Kolsky Peninsula (Russia).

The Kolsky deep probe was able to disprove all the knowledge which we had been taught about the structure of the Earth until then.


Back then, the project was the pride of the Soviet Union and all the people who participated in it were chosen very carefully and slowly.

The project’s leader was David Guberman. He said that virtually every 3.5 ft (1 meter) of depth revealed something new and unfamiliar.

In school, we generally learned that the Earth has a crust, mantle and core. We also know that there is a granite layer, but here is what came to light after the descent of the probe.

The granite was located 2 miles (3 km) lower than previously thought, but no basalts had been found. The drill went through the granite layer, which turned our notions about the structure of the Earth upside down – the layers, which the Earth is believed to have are directly related to the occurrence of minerals.

Furthermore, it is clear thanks to Kolsky deep probe that the Earth appeared earlier than previously thought – by a whole 1.5 billion years. In the depths, they found microorganisms (14 species). Before launching this probe, it was thought that at such a depth, there would be no organisms.

Still deeper, methane was detected, which completely destroys the theory that hydrocarbons have a biological origin (such as oil and gas).

Drilling stopped in 1995, with the claim that no more money was available for such projects. This project worked with 16 laboratories. The deepest spot, which was dug is called SG-3. Scientists reached a depth of 40219 ft (12262 meters), then the project was stopped. The strange thing was that the probe was planned to reach a depth of 49200 ft (15000 meters).

Despite the official information about the suspension of the project, there are several other hypotheses about the matter. According to some of them, the project was stopped because scientists had found supernatural phenomena, while the hole was being dug.

Another hypothesis states that after 26240 ft (8000 meters), scientists found rocks that contained very large amounts of gold, while a third hypothesis states that after the 39360 ft (12000 meter) mark, the temperature in the core of the Earth was higher than expected.

Scientists involved in the drilling of the Kolsky super-deep probe claim that after 40219 ft (12262 meters), their devices reported strange vibrations. The researchers placed microphones up to the last meter that was dug and began to hear different sounds that resembled human cries.

That issue itself has many different hypotheses, but many maintain that the scientists from the USSR and later, Russian scientists, had reached the depths of hell.