What does it mean to dream of Girl?

1. If you dream of a beautiful girl, it means that you should be expecting big expenses for something, if you kiss her, then you will be surprised by something pleasant..

2. If you see a crying girl in a dream, trouble awaits you..

3. If you dream of a dancing girl, then you have a meeting or a love experience ahead of you..

4. If you see a girl in your dream, beware of wrong information and lies..

5. If you see yourself in a dream as a girl, expect unusual changes in your life..

6. If you dream that you are talking to a girl, then you are about to hear news..

7. If you dreamed about a naked girl in a dream, success is ahead of you..

8. If you are a woman and you dream of a beautiful girl, you will soon be uncontrollably jealous of your partner..

9. If you are a man and you dream of a beautiful girl with whom you are intimate, you are in for a love comfort..

10. If you see a girl crying in your dream, trouble is ahead..

11. If you see a woman with shaggy hair in a dream, beware - illness..

12. If you dreamed that a girl dies in your dream, you will quarrel with a close friend..

13. If you see an unknown woman in a dream, you will meet another woman in your lifetime..

14. If you see a blonde girl in a dream, sweet love awaits you..

15. If you see a brunette in a dream, you will be very jealous of your partner in the future..

16. If you dream of a girl with red-orange hair, you will have a relationship with a fickle person..

17. If you overtake a girl in a dream, you will reach a good state..


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