What does it mean to dream of Water?

1. Those who often dream about water or things directly related to water are prone to runny noses, cold-blooded and rather phlegmatic..

2. If you are sick and dream of clear spring water, it is a good sign. Soon you will regain your strength and health. If you dream of dirty water in a spring or stream, beware, disease awaits you and impotence..

3. If you draw clean and clear water from a well and you are a single, this is a sign that you will soon marry a beautiful and wealthy woman. If you draw cloudy water from the well, be careful, it is not good. You may get sick or grieve over something that is important to you..

4. If you give someone clean water to drink, they will receive support from you. If you see in a dream how water, a spring, a well or something similar dries up, it is not good. Poverty and troubles of all kinds await you. If you dream that water springs from where there was no water before, soon you will be burdened with new worries, problems and sadness. If you drank or poured from this water, your troubles and worries will not leave you soon, you will enter a difficult period of your life. But if this spring dries up, sorrows and evils will be removed from you as they came..

5. If you drink warm water in a dream, beware of enemies and persecution, from insults. The warmer the water, the more trouble you will have. If in a dream you try to carry water in a cloth, a broken vessel, a garment or something that cannot actually carry water or is very difficult, beware of treason, a conspiracy against you. Beware of theft and treachery. If you bury a container of water in the ground, you are in great danger! Beware of ruin and conflict with the society around you! If you are served a full vessel, glass, etc. with water, you are about to get married, engaged or have a binding intimate friendship..

6. If in a dream you are poured with hot water, this is a sure sign that you should try to be more cautious in communicating with others..

7. If in your dream you spill or flood your house with water, be careful and cautious, because this portends grief, loss and unexpected problems. The bigger the amount of water, the bigger your problems will be..

8. If you see water in a dream, many successes await you in the future at your job and in your family. If the water is clear, you will have profit in your endeavors. If it is cloudy, be ready for stumbles and mishaps in the workplace. Stormy waters are a sign of big problems and dangers..

9. If you bathe in clear water, good health awaits you and if the water is cloudy, you may get sick very soon..

10. If you wade in clear water, expect a lot of tears and if the water is cloudy - your everyday life will be filled with worries and troubles..

11. If you are jumping into a pool of water, this is a sure indicator that very soon many of your dreams will come true..


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