Wild Boar

What does it mean to dream of Wild Boar?
Wild Boar

1. If you see a wild boar in your dream, it means you're in danger.

2. If you dream of enormous wild boars, things will progress at work, especially if you're in marketing.

3. If the wild boars are thin, tense situations and failures await you.

4. Expect success if you dream of a mother boar with piggies.

5. If you're a farmer, you're in store for a very good year.

6. If you hear a boar squealing in a dream, expect unpleasant news related to business.

7. If you're wrestling a male wild boar in a dream, this portends of a meeting with a person whom you have to avoid because they have something very unpleasant prepared for you.

8. If in a dream the wild boar manages to get away from you, you'll avoid great troubles.


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