What does it mean to dream of Clock?

1. Dreaming of a clock, suggests that you are to worry about many issues.

2. To dream of the hourglass, indicates that you're wasting time in an unnecessary effort.

3. To dream of a watch, indicates that you will be afraid of your deeds.

4. To dream that you hear the clock tick, predicts that you may have a health problem or danger.

5. To dream of the ringing of an alarm clock or to see an alarm clock, predicts that you may suffer financial damage.

6. To dream that you buy an alarm clock, suggests that you expect an unpleasant job.

7. To dream that you repaired watches, signifies that you are to compete to defend your place and you will want to win.

8. To dream that someone else has their watches repaired, indicates that you will be afraid of your competitors.

9. Dreaming of a damaged clock or that you stopped the clock, suggests that you are near an unforgivable mistake.


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