What does it mean to dream of Cloak?

1. Dreaming of an old tattered cloak, means you may have damage and injury.

2. To dream of an orange cloak, is a sign of empty hopes.

3. To dream of a purple cloak, suggests you have excess power.

4. To dream of a blue cloak, is a sign of pragmatism or material benefits.

5. Dreaming of a red cloak, suggests cruelty which is not justified or passion.

6. Dreaming of a black cloak, predicts a secret adoration.

7. To dream you wear a cloak, suggests that you have to be careful in dealing with others.

8. To dream that you see a very long cloak, predicts that you will have friends who persecute you.

9. Dreaming that you steal or lose cloak, suggests that you'll be dependent on someone.


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