What does it mean to dream of Snow?

1. To dream of snow, predicts that you will get experience and honors.

2. To dream of big snow drifts, suggests that difficulties and obstacles are ahead in the workplace.

3. To dream of a battle with snowballs, means you have increasing competition and rivalry.

4. To dream that you see a snow plow, means that you will have monetary aid and assistance from a friend in a serious situation.

5. To dream that you sleep in a snow plow, indicates that you will have little joy in the family home and experience small thrills.

6. To dream that your house or car were buried by snow, suggests that you are hungry and frightened.

7. To dream of a snowstorm, suggests that you may expect serious trouble and misery.

8. To dream that the snow melts, means that you may take damage.

9. Dreaming of a snowman, indicates that you will lie in an assessment.

10. To dream of snow in the summer, indicates that you will be doing foolish and stupid things.

11. To dream that you see someone eating snow, predicts that you will escape unscathed from a severe situation.

12. Dreaming of snow falling on your head, indicates that you will be nervous and will laugh.

13. To dream that you eat snow, signifies that something was not in your intentions.

14. Dreaming that you are bogged down in snow or walk in the snow, suggests that your personal or professional life may suffer.


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