Declaration of love

What does it mean to dream of Declaration of love?
Declaration of love

1. To dream of someone declaring their love, means you will find yourself trapped.

2. To dream that you declare your love, suggests that you will lose.


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13.08.2014 05:24
I had this dream and the guy who declared love to me has actually a girlfriend . Ironikly everything that could go wrong went wrong in real life. We had a thing going on and she found out about it. Pretty damn me well she can ruin my reputation there`s no way out of this kind of situation. I dont know the girl at all and i didnt even know he was in a serious relationship . CEJEP Is gonna be hell because even tho, we dont know each other and she is in the same College as me,she saw pictures of me when finding out our messages on his Cellphone. ..........