What does it mean to dream of Love?

1. Dreaming that you love, means you will abandon or neglect something.

2. To dream that another person is in love, means an intrigue is expected.

3. Dreaming you are in love with a stranger, means you may have problems.

4. To dream you love a friend or an acquaintance, suggests you will put up with anything and make a big compromise.

5. To dream you love a relative, means you will have many problems and troubles.

6. Dreaming of loving someone that is dead, may predict illness or death.

7. To dream that you are someone's lover or someone's mistress, suggests you will overtake or surpass in something.

8. Dreaming of watching lovers, means you will not go into work.

9. Dreaming you see your current or former lovers, suggests an expected separation.


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