What does it mean to dream of Feet?

1. To dream of a wooden leg,means you stand accused of fraud or dishonesty.

2. To dream of feet, indicates it is your feast.

3. To dream that you got blood on your feet, means there is something you do not like.

4. To dream you have your feet up, means you will meet with friends.

5. To dream of muddy or dirty feet, means to mind your health problems.

6. To dream of your feet or leg, means your friends will abandon you or surrender.

7. To dream of swollen legs or feet with varicose veins, suggests you expected losses and damages.

8. To dream of big feet, means you will enjoy goodwill and respect.

9. To dream of a foot disjointed, suggests you are worsening relations between relatives or friends.

10. To dream you foot is cut, means you will be down a friend or trusted person.

11. To dream bare feet, suggests poverty.

12. To dream of a broken foot, means you would have prejudiced dignity or lack of trust.


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