What does it mean to dream of Person?

1. Dreaming of a person smiling, means you will need the support and understanding of a friend.

2. Dreaming of a person with a terrible frown, predicts expected losses and problems.

3. Dreaming of your own face, suggests you'll learn something especially nice aboout yourself.

4. To dream of a smutty person, suggests a disadvantage will turn your weakness into a strength or you will turn the curse into a blessing.

5. To dream of a person with mud on their face, predicts you expected a disgrace.

6. Dreaming of a pale person, means you will learn a terrible word or will get sick.

7. Dreaming that a person has red cheeks, means you will love or want to accomplish love.

8. Dreaming of a person hiding, suggests you will come upon trouble.

9. To dream of a person washing, suggests you will regret past offenses.

10. To dream you see an unknown person, means you will change your home.

11. To dream of a large person, suggests you expect many thoughts, analysis and memories.


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