Blue dress

What does it mean to dream of Blue dress?

1. A shortened or stained blue dress means you will suffer from negligence and futility or the curse of colleagues and acquaintances.

2. A short blue dress means you should be beware of rashness and indiscretion.

3. A long blue dress means that your success will be lasting.

4. Buying a or sewing a blue dress, means you will be trying to gain the sympathy of an important person.

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2015-08-08, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Blue dress

How about a short light blue Cinderella dress. I picked it up out of a box someone delivered to me in the dream and remember thinking that it looked like a short Cinderella dress and I couldn't wear it because it would show I was pregnant. I'm single and pretty sure I'm not pregnant. Any thoughts?

2012-08-17, Rating 4.0 from 5 for Blue dress

I had a dream that I was getting married in a long pale blue dress. I have very happy to be in the dress and blue vale. It struck me as odd that I was so happy and that the man I was marrying is someone I do NOT want to marry but did have a relationship of sorts with and there was another man present in the dream that I do not know very well but I am attracted to him in real life, in the dream he had the first and last name of an ex-boyfriend that I am no longer in contact with and have no lingering romantic feelings about, if truth be told I really don't like him at all may could even say I resent him. Really loaded boy dream all with me in a blue wedding dress...interesting .
ARddaIt means your ex-boyfriend is the real man to be your husband blue wedding dress mean innocence in part of your ex-boyfriend.